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The above flashing is applied as a system of compatible components.


We have a long history of helping builders and architects with current materials and state of the art technology.


Our experts can provide residential as well as commercial assistance.


Statement of Purpose


The purpose of this site is multi-faceted but directed at one goal, To promote the proper installation of window and door units using current technology and construction methods.


Building science relates to structures as systems. Weatherization should be designed and implemented as a system of compatible components that work together to create a functional system, managing water, air and thermal conductivity.   

With the seemingly endless variety of flashing and sealing materials available today, it has become necessary to clarify issues of use and compatibilty to ensure successful weatherization of window and door units. 

As installation products and procedures have evolved there has been vast confusion as to the proper methods of integrating windows, doors and decks within the building envelope. This confusion has led to costly leaks, causing damage to other construction materials as well as potentially fostering organic growth.  Associated health related issues as well as catastophic costs of mitigation and repair work have compelled us to address these issues in an educational and scientific manner.  

Let us help you to find viable solutions. 











Window Installation Field Training for Recessed Windows with Nailing-Fin.


This Project Received a 10 Year

Written Warranty Certificate

from the Weatherization System Manufacturer.  



Available Client Related Services

We presently offer services to Architects, Builders, Manufacturers, Licensed Real Estate Agents, Engineers, Attorneys and Insurance Companies in a variety of areas including: 

* Field inspection and assessment of existing window and door units




* Expert witness testimony based on written reports


* Jobsite mock-up and quality assurance testing, (on larger projects)

* Flashing and weatherization consultation for window and door units

* Training seminars for architects, builders, building officials and home owners


NoteThe above services must be discussed at the time of your product purchase