Window Forensics

Who We Are

Window Forensics was originally founded by Brian Larkowski in an effort to solve issues involving the complexities of door and window installation. He is currently using this knowledge and experience to provide field training and site consultations for our valuable clients. 

Brian has been involved in the construction industry for over 25 years. In the Mid 80's, he began as a carpenter's laborer and apprentice. In 1992, he became a licensed general contractor in California, (Lic. #643754).

Although he has a broad range of construction knowledge, Brian saw the need for window and door installation specialists from the earliest days of his career.

Throughout his career, Brian has installed thousands of window and door units. In 1993, he was awarded his first of two United States patents on exterior window molding and installation systems. He has experience in sales, service and product representation ranging from vinyl and aluminum to wood, clad and fiberglass. While attending factory tours and training in many cities across the nation as well as in Europe, he's learned about the manufacturing aspect, testing requirements and glazing processes.

In recent years, Brian has conducted trainings in the Santa Barbara area, teaching proper weatherization techniques to builders, architects and local building officials. He's a published author of a weatherization text book and has provided contract based curriculum development and instruction of construction related courses at Allan Hancock College. 

Brian underwent Installation Masters™ installer and instructor training, (a program developed by AAMA) He's a past board member of the Santa Barbara Contractor's Association. He has also undergone training focused on international standards as well as approved testing methods and equipment.


Based upon knowledge, experience and by use of a scientific approach we are focused on the areas of training, flashing systems design/implementation and solutions of water intrusion issues.