Window Forensics

Flashing Consultation

The best way to acheive success is to plan for it.


When it comes to window and door weatherization, proper flashing design and technique are typically the difference between success and failure.  


Challenges in the field may include large units, recessed units, arched heads, panning systems, material compatibility and the creation of an efficient drainage plane behind siding or stucco. All of these things can be addressed by designing a system of components working together to acheive the goal. 

By allowing us to assist you in the design and implementation of your flashing systems, you can avoid the headaches and costly litigation that can result from improper installation. We can even assist in the installation of a unit onsite and field test it. Once it is field tested, it can then be approved and used as a jobsite mock-up. The field installers can observe the whole process to better understand the concepts in use.
The use of Membrane Drainage Systems and Water Resistive Barriers in challenging designs has pushed the need for better installation materials and application methods. Variations of recessed fenestration details have created a need for advanced systems and training. Coupled with a plethora of new materials becoming available, builders have been somewhat overwhelmed with figuring out what works and what doesn't.

Questions on material compatibility and proper usage have been an enigma of sorts and have unfortunately resulted in improper usage, leaks and litigation. Let our industry professionals guide you through the maze.