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"Careers in 21st Century Weatherization"

                 BVT Publishing 2010





"Careers in 21st Century Weatherization" was designed to provide instructors of basic weatherization classes a guideline for curriculum, referencing information from EPA, DOE and WAP standards.

This text includes a preliminary construction math test from the WAP that meets "Core Competency" requirements. It also includes a Customer Service segment in the final chapter to meet program specifications.

It is a broad based look at multiple aspects of weatherization and construction science including both existing and new structures. 

The book is written by an instructor on the subject, who is also a hands-on practitioner.  Once a course has been completed, this text will serve as an office or field reference.


Also available to instructors are sample course exam w/answer key, study sheets and suggested lab exercises.

For more information see the following link: BVT Publishing / Weatherization Text


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